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Celebration II Action Figure

He has played a central role in the Star Wars saga. To his troops, he is a fearless fighter and renowned for his inner strength and ability to remain calm under fire. He has long mentored the younger pilots in his X-wing squadron. Want to know more about him?

Now, for the first time, Commander Jorg Sacul has been turned into a 3 3/4-inch action figure by Hasbro, exclusively available on the primary market at Star Wars Celebration II, May 3-5 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. While the figure has been produced in extremely limited numbers compared to other action figures, there will be plenty available for collectors. The figure is priced at $10, and will be limited to two per purchase. Quantities will be apportioned for each day of the show in the Celebration II store to insure that attendees will be able to buy the figure, which will be on a special Celebration II logo card with the Commander's biography on the back