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Beauty in Numbers

She is a vision that has lingered in Anakin Skywalker's mind for a decade. Seeing her again, as a grown woman, has eclipsed all his other thoughts, even his most important vows to the Jedi order.

She is Padmé Amidala, now 24 years old, and Senator of Naboo. To demonstrate her change in role and age, Writer/Director George Lucas tasked the Art Department and Costume Designer Trisha Biggar to develop a new style that embodied femininity, sensuality, and yet still retained the sensibilities of Star Wars.

Amazingly, Natalie Portman has more wardrobe changes in Episode II than she had in Episode I. To keep track of all these garments, they are numbered -- P-11, P-17 and P-19 for example. This new documentary showcases several of these, and provides a closer look at Amidala's beauty.